Regional Area: Orange County
Showroom Address: 1500 Harmony Circle
Anaheim, California 92807
Bridal Salon Location: Newport Beach, California
(714) 695-0001
(714) 695-0003
Contact: Julie Petersen, Sales Manager

Professional Background:

Regardless of whether you are planning an elegant wedding, special event or simply decorating the interior of your home or facility for the holidays, you have the opportunity to create an event that will be distinctive and leave a lasting impression. Nieuport Gardens, Southern California's premier full-service, floral decor and design company will leave that impression, one that your family, friends and guests will always remember.

With over 30 years experience in floral design, specializing in weddings and event planning, Nieuport Garden's staff of experienced professionals and our award winning AIFD Design Director will be attentive and responsive to all your needs as well as your budget. From conceptualization to completion, Nieuport Gardens will ensure your dreams become a reality on your wedding day.

Specialty: Floral Design for Special Events
Anaheim Showroom Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5:30 pm
Evenings and Saturdays by appointment
Newport Bridal Salon Hours: By appointment
Price Range: Varies, depending on your needs

What Makes Us Special:

The style and color of the Bride's bouquet should set the tone for all other flowers at the ceremony and reception - even the Groom's boutonniere should be in perfect harmony. Every element of our floral designs will lend a sense of unity to the occasion and compliment, not outshine, the tenderness of the moment. We value the confidence that you are placing in our company, and look forward to the opportunity to share in the beauty of your memorable day.

From a traditional Chuppa to lighted tents and holiday décor...Nieuport Gardens will deliver.
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"Simple Elegance"
"Classic Chuppa"

"Dramatic Bouquet"
"Holiday Décor"
"Event Planning"
"The Finishing Touches"
"Timeless Bouquet"
"Artistic Enhancements"

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